1. Can I change my distance mid race?

Yes. If you want to drop down to a shorter distance, you simply turn around at the appropriately marked turnaround point. If you want run further than you signed up for, just continue past the planned turnaround point. IMPORTANT: be sure to let the volunteers at the next aid station know about your change in plans, They will inform the finish line staff.

2a. Is there a cutoff time?

Yes, twelve (12) hours.

2b. Can I start early in order to make the cutoff?

Yes, there will be a 5:00 am start for 50 mile runners only that are concerned about making the 12 hour cutoff. We recommend early starters wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight.

3. What's the weather like?

Average High is 66. Average Low is 44. Average Rainfall: 0.13 inches
Last year: High was 71, Low was 48. Rainfall: 0 inches

4. What time does it get dark?

Sunrise will be at  7:09AM.  Sunset will be at  5:50PM

5. What if I don't like running on pavement?

A small percentage of the run is on grass trails. Also, most of the greenways have a grass "shoulder" on the side of the paved area. There are certain areas where pavement is unavoidable.

6. Is it 80K or 50 miles?

It's actually 50 miles.

7. Are there many hills?

The first 17 miles of the route involve numerous rolling hills.  There is one rather steep hill around mile 15.5.  The remainder of the course is relatively flat other than two fairly steep bridge crossing.

8. What about the road crossings?

There are a couple of places where the course crosses a road that is not closed to vehicular traffic. There will be volunteers at these crossing to help you cross safely. The volunteers will not stop traffic but rather inform you when it is safe to cross.

9. Can a friend or family member run with me for support during part of the race?


Please contact us if you have other questions that aren't answered here.